Located in Northwest Georgia, 25 miles north of Rome, 45 miles south of Chattanooga, 90 miles north and west of Atlanta and bordering the state of Alabama, Chattooga County is a natural beauty.

Bounded by historic Lookout Mountain to the west and Taylor's Ridge to the south, rural Chattooga County boasts of farmlands, national forests, nature trails, mountain vistas, nearby fishing opportunities and sport hunting, a famous artist, a legendary attorney and a long-standing history of textile and carpet manufacturing.

The Chattooga County School System consists of one high school, one middle school, four elementary schools, two district Pre-K sites and an alternative school. The enrollment in Chattooga County is steady at 3,100.

We are proud of our students and staff and want to share with you many of their accomplishments.


Chattooga Summer Investigators
Gifted Camp
June 2-6

DSCETTC Spotlight Teacher

Ms. Sarach Widincamp...click on the link to see how technology is being used in this classroom.

Chattooga High School




The Wonderful World

of Earthworms!!

Mrs. Patty Culver's 2nd grade classroom is studying Earthworms and the students are looking for other classrooms around the world that would like to collaborate and share information about the squiggly crawlers. A Wonderful Worms website has been created for the class and they are publishing information about Earthworms on their web site. They will be piloting the new Gaggle.net safe email accounts, recently purchased by the school district, to collaborate with other classrooms around the world.

You can visit the Wonderful Worms website at: Wonderful Worms!!!

The class is hoping to receive pictures of Earthworms from around the world, as well as, facts, student created work, and photos of student activities.